Can I print the dissertation that I have downloaded?
Posted by Ιωάννα Σαραντοπούλου on 21 January 2013 08:51 AM

Yes you can print the dissertation but please read carefully and respect the terms and conditions of document availability and downloading from EADD.


 Registering with the National Archives of PhD Theses (ΕΑΔΔ) I unconditionally agree to the following:

 1. To use PhD Theses included in ΕΑΔΔ:

- exclusively for personal use

- without the right to reproduce, adapt or further distribute any of the PhD Theses

- for educational or research purposes

- not for commercial purposes and without financial profit, direct of not

2. In case of proceeding to any publication based on a PhD Thesis included in ΕΑΔΔ:

- to attribute the work specified by the author of the Thesis

- to respect the moral right of the author

- to inform NHRF/EKT about every new publication using PhD Theses included in ΕΑΔΔ by mailing to phdtheses@ekt.gr, mentioning the bibliographic reference of my publication

3. NHRF/ΕΚΤ may process Personal Data entered in this Website by EΑΔΔ users, in order to collect information, improve the quality of services provided and monitor the accordance to these Terms of Use, for as long as the user is registered with ΕΑΔΔ services. NHRF/ΕΚΤ does not transfer or share with any third party users’ personal data unless by law.


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